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The Artist's Magazine of Materials and Technique

About ArtMolds Journal

ArtMolds Journal is a both a digital and print magazine published once every two months. It is an artist’s magazine featuring materials and techniques for life casting, mold making, casting arts, special effects, ceramics and stone carving.  The magazine includes five (sometimes more) medium-length features designed to appeal to curious people with an artistic bent.

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What we do

Subscriptions to ArtMolds Journal include full access to the archives, and a single subscription provides access via both iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) and Web browsers (mobile, laptop, and desktop).

ArtMolds Journal We are supported by subscription fees and limited advertising, which allows us to pay our editors, writers, photographers, and illustrators at rates as good as or better than most mainstream print publications.

ArtMolds Journal was founded in May 2013 by Ed McCormick, co-founder of the artists’ guild, Association of Lifecasters International (ALI) and Managing Director of EnvironMolds, LLC, a manufacturer and distributor of art supplies.


Ed McCormick, is our publisher. He is a writer, educator, artist and entrepreneur having written numerous articles and videos on mold making, casting, art materials and special effects. His books include, Lesson plans that Wow! Part 1, How to Cast A Female Torso. He is currently working on Lesson Plans That WOW! Part 2.

Frank J. Fedel, who fills the role as editor is an educator, researcher, writer as well as a lifecasting artist. Frank has been a contributing writer for more than a dozen magazines internationally. He also is technical editor for Skater Magazine and a columnist and webmaster for Fitness and Speed Skating Times, the leading international ice and speed skating publication. His research has appeared in medical journals including Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise and he has over 100 articles and journal citations to his credit.

Arlene Strom, wasthe former senior category buyer for Blick Art Materials, contributes her expertise in artist materials in her regular column, “Material Girl.”

Our authors, photographers, and illustrators are freelance contributors.

We get help from

Amy Bork, designer, writer, scribbler, and communicator is responsible for our magazine layout and design.

Corey Giordana and Dave Wurtz of assists in our web development