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Yes! We use a password-free account system.
• If you have subscribed via the iOS app (a Newsstand subscription), you can read ArtMolds Journal in any browser. Launch the app and tap the settings (gear) icon. Tap Register Email Address, and an email (within the app) pops up. You can use any return address that you have set in iOS, not just the one that you use with the App Store. When you receive the email on your iOS device or another device, copy the link and paste it the browser you want to authorize. After you’ve done that once, you can send email from the Web to authorize other browsers.
• If you subscribed via our Web site, you can activate your subscription in iOS. First, log into the Safari browser on your iOS device using the email with which you subscribed on the Web. Next, launch the app and tap the setting (gear) icon. Tap the button, and the app launches Safari. Our Web site generates a link that, when tapped, returns to the app with its subscription enabled.

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