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The Artist's Magazine of Materials and Technique

It’s $1.99 per issue or $5.99 per year (50% savings over single issue). A Web subscription is the same price as a subscription in the iOS Newsstand and gives you access in iOS on all your devices, too. (See below for how to activate both kinds of access.)
If you’re already a monthly subscriber, you can switch to yearly:
• In the app, tap the settings (gear) icon, and tap Manage Subscriptions. This launches the App Store. You may be prompted to enter your password. Now tap The Magazine and set Auto-Renew to Off. The Yearly option at $5.99 is now available. Tap $5.99 and you’ll be prompted to subscribe at that new rate. Billing starts when your current single subscription period ends.
• For Web subscribers, visit the account page. You can tap a link to get a pro-rated upgrade from monthly to yearly: the unused portion of your monthly subscription is credited toward the yearly cost.

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